Thursday, January 26, 2012

News from the Gastro


I thought I would share a nice video of Ruby romping through the snow for her very first time. Most of you have probably already seen it but that is okay. I like watching her carefree doggy life.

I got a call from the Gastro yesterday. He said that my Ultrasound was fine and so was all my blood work. I told him how I have been feeling since the last time I talked to him. He suggested Gastroparesis again. He wants me to have a Cat scan of my abdomen and then if that is okay, a stomach emptying study. Oh joy! I guess I am fucked. I am trying to be really positive but this shit is not cool. Some people get really thin because they cannot eat and they have to have a feeding tube. I do not want that! NEVER EVER! Please do not take this the wrong way or think you need to call anybody because I am just spouting off. But I would never want to live through that. I would rather not be here if my choice in life was feeding tubes, holes in my stomach, and multiple trips to the ER and hospital because of bezoars in my gut. No thank you.
Let us hope, if I have that, it is a milder version. Very mild. Like I lose some weight, lower my blood sugars, and cannot eat certain foods. That I can live with.
So yeah, I am not liking stuff right now.

On a more positive note. I am trying to decide if I should sign up for the community garden again this year or just build my own in the front yard. I was suggested by a friend (Thanks Liz)  that I could use cinder building blocks. They cost $1.35 each at Home Depot. I want at least three beds out front. Maybe two long and one short. I have to measure. My faulty figuring (off the cuff) was $200 total for three long beds. That doesn't even include cement (if I want to do it permanent) and soil. Granted, it will cost me way more then the $20 fee for my two beds at the garden. But there were issues with the water two years in a row, people steal your bounty, and i am using gas to get there. I could just have it out front , put up a temp fence in front of the beds to keep them safe, and I have all the water and sun that I need.
I think I am going to do it. I can buy a little bit of blocks every week and put them in the Jeep. Before you know it, I will have all I need.
Of course I will document it for here. Maybe one of you will decide to do the same thing.

okay, I am still in my jammies, I have no idea what is for dinner tonite, and I have some housework to do.

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