Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ruby the Beast

Ruby kept me company when I had the flu
*266*<---It keeps fluctuating but it stays around here. No gain back is good!

As you can plainly see, she has gotten much bigger. The last time Raymond weighed her she was 25 lbs (two weeks ago) and I bet she is even bigger now. She has started (and I have stopped) putting her paws up on the kitchen counter so she can see what there is up there. That is a big dog if you ask me. She also destroyed the heating pad, multiple pairs of socks, my most favorite bed quilt, and countless other things. That is why she is a beast. But she is learning. She knows her name. She knows Natalie`s name too. She just wants to be loved and if that means she comes barreling at you like a train and leaps on you without stopping first, then so be it!


  1. She IS a big girl. Puppyhood passes, thankfully. I can't believe Harvey's the same dog that ate my Coach purse, carpet, throw rugs, glasses, and an entire chair.

  2. We figured out that she steals my pj pants but not to destroy them. She lays on the couch with them when I am not here. Like because of my smell. She stole them from the hamper upstairs and brought them downstairs.
    Isnt that sweet?
    She is still a beast though

  3. She's a cute beast and for me that's saying something. She seems good natured and also like she has a sense of humour