Sunday, January 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Fred!

Today is my honey`s birthday. He is 46 years old today. I cannot believe it. A whole 26 years has gone by that I have had him in my life. He is getting a therapeutic massage but I had to wait until Friday to get it for him. I could only afford 30 min and he likes the whole hour. So I will give him his gift certificate then. The cake is in the fridge from the Cake Lady. A nice marble with butter cream frosting. Yummy!
I have two full racks of ribs to season. I am going to get up soon and make potato salad and mac and cheese (the girls hate potato salad).
He gets a full day of being lazy. Now, usually I am a total slave but he knows I do not feel good so he isnt pushing it. I will do all the cooking but he is helping me out.
I love him.
I hope he gets his birthday wish this year.

Okay...gotta go for  now. I have things to do.

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