Sunday, January 15, 2012

I don`t care


Today was a good eating day. No pain what so ever. So I took full advantage. Chelsea made lentil soup. I had a cup with crackers. I ordered pizza from Pizza hut. $10 pizza special. I had 3 pieces. And now I am eating Oreo cookies.

I do not care!

I have not been able to eat well without pain for a couple months so I have been eating small things.  Today I did eat a little big but the Oreos are the ending to a very lazy day. I will be back into rare form tomorrow. Believe me. And these damn Oreos may do me in later.

But I don't care!

Damn, did you know that one Oreo cookie is like 50 calories? Now how many do you eat at a time? I always grab about 5-6. That is 300 freaking calories!
But oh so good.


  1. dont forget the calories the milk has too! I cant stop at just 5 or 6 cookies! We just found those fiber one brownies in chocolate fudge and chocolate peanut butter. 90 calories and they are good and filling

  2. I had some sugar free iced tea. I am being good in one sense and then blowing it in another. But it is okay for today. I took extra insulin cause I knew I wanted those darn cookies.

    If I was to do milk, it would be 8th continent soy milk.
    My stomach has been so unagreeable that I just took advantage of the open window of no pain.

    Oh, and my stomach hurt now anyhoo. LOL