Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Birthday is tomorrow!


  I figured I would post today because tomorrow is going to be busy and I will not have the time. Tomorrow I turn 43 years old. ahhhh..bullshit. Oh, it is okay. This change in age does not bother me one bit. When i turned 30, I was a mess. When I turned 40, I was a bit upset but not as bad as when I turned 30. I have a fear of getting older.

Having a birthday exactly 2 weeks to the day after Christmas kind of sucks. My birthday is the 12th day of Christmas, Epiphany, Little Christmas, or Three Kings Day. This is when people usuallly take their Christmas trees down and some cultures celebrate the day the three kings brought their gifts to the Baby Jesus. I get cake! Big bakery style birthday cake. With flowers! Love it!

We do not do a ton for our birthdays anymore cause we are older and know that presents really do not matter as much as being together. I have some errands since it is Friday and Lu has a groomer appointment. We are going out for steak dinner (just Fred and I), and off to Foxwoods for a smidge of gambling and people watching. Gotta love it!

So I am here to say Happy 43rd Birthday to me!