Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Blood, Budgets, and Busted computer


  I am in a rare mood today. It started off good and then went off the rails. The dogs fighting is driving me insane. The two squirts cant stand Ruby. They tell her so every chance they get. It is like a jackhammer in my ears. So if I start to get mean or depressive (which I will try hard not to be), you have fair warning.
 I had a couple things happen to me yesterday. First off, I realize that I do not have much of an appetite anymore. I am going to have to make a conscience effort to remember to eat. Because of not eating, I could have passed out in the grocery store yesterday. I have NEVER had a low blood sugar reaction come on me that fast. EVER. I have always had time to say, Rut Roh, better eat something. I was lucky I was in the check out, I bought the food, started to leave, opened my juice, a box of wafer cookies (that I had gotten for Natalie) and ate. I was with Chelsea which was a bonus. After about 10 minutes, I was better. I came home and had a proper lunch. That scared me. Never Ever has that happened. I would never let it get to that point but it was like I had no warning. My sugars have been hard to control and that is part of the reason I think I have that gastroparesis. I called the Gastro office to find out if my blood work results came in today but they are on a half day. No Dr in the office now. I have to wait until tomorrow.

   I am trying to find a nice free budget program that will help with calculating month to month my expenses and such. I dont want to do Mint or any of the others like it. I am not looking for them to poke into my bank accounts. I just want to work a budget. I did write out (on paper) all of our expenses and our income. If I did not stray from the budget, I would have money saved for Denver every month, all the bills paid, and have money left over to put in savings. I cant seem to keep my hands off the extra money. It is because of the girls. They seriously need to be sat down. Chelsea needs to contribute financially starting right away. She will complain that she is poor but I will counter that we are ALL poor, we are a family, and we have to stick together. If she wants a bill to pay instead, she can be responsible for the cable bill or a combo of bills that make up $100 or more. She makes very little a month so I want her to be able to save AND have pocket money, but this free ride bullshit has got to end. Natalie is going to school now and she is very motivated. I am scared that if I make her get a job too, she might tank. She is so much better then what she was but I do not want to freak her out. But she needs to work if she wants money. I cant keep giving her cash. I cant keep giving Raymond gas money. I do it because he helps with taking her to school. But if she had a job, she would give it to him instead.
 What do I have to do to be able to save money? Please do not tell me to become a couponer. I will never do it. I will spend an hour clipping coupons and such and then I will lose interest. I never could. I am talking about fluid money. If i buy groceries, and fill the Jeeps tank..I will have $40 a week for myself as pocket money. I do not want to use this for take out. I have been trying to eliminate take out all together but these girls are making it very hard.
Help me grow some balls!
 After all the work that was done on this computer, the internet is acting iffy. Come to find out after alot of research on Chelsea` s part, it has to do with Windows 7. They have never made a patch to fix it. So I have a computer with an operating system that dislikes the internet. I sent an email to the tech that worked on it (and it goes to his supervisor). I am really quite tired of the fact that this brand new computer has so many issues. Chelsea says that if we have XP, it will be fine and dandy. Essentially, if they let me mail them the computer, and they send me one with XP on it, even fucking better! But we know that will not happen. I do not blame the tech. So far, he has done a great job. Crossing fingers that we get some great results this time with this problem.

There..there..that wasnt too bitchy, now was it. I still feel like shit though. I accomplished a small amount of tasks today. I was supposed to wash the dogs..nope. I hope it is still warm tomorrow cause it really isnt going to happen today. I do not even want to cook.


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