Thursday, December 20, 2012

What would YOU do?

Tomorrow is the end of the world. What are your plans for today?

If it were true, I would want to spend my last hours with my family. Up until this point, I would have done every selfish and decadent thing I could afford or get away with for free. So the last day should be a day of rest. We could just hang out, talk, and wait before we needed to take our heavenly cocktails so we would not feel bad about not being invited to the rapture. I would gamble all my money away at the casino. I would eat something I have never eaten before. I would commit a petty crime because I am a chicken shit and that should be something on my bucket list. Nothing harmful. Just swipe a lipstick or something. I would tell all of those that I love that I love them and those that I cannot stand would get an earful. Yup, that sounds like a good way to go. We would all drink the Koolaid and go to sleep together.

Now, for real? I have a shit load of stuff to do. I took off Tuesday because I was tired from all the jam making. I figured I had yesterday to do the bon bons and today to do the popcorn. Oh no no! I got duped. The kid needed to go to Target to get a new pair of shoes for work. They did not have her size but she found a couple dresses and we were in there for over an hour. Grrr! Yesterday was going to be me making chocolates and we were going to have Chinese food for dinner because the kitchen would be occupied.
Guess the fuck what? Not a chocolate was made but we still had the Chinese food.
   I cannot start making it yet anyway. Food processor has to be used to crush the graham crackers and that would not be a nice thing to do at 5am.  Yeah, I am awake before the sun. Someone left the heat on downstairs. It became rather toasty in our room and I cant sleep like that. Anyway. This is the last day of life itself and I am going to spend it roasting nuts and making peanut butter buckeyes.


  1. I'm making a black forest cheesecake and I've been making peppermint bark. I love that shit. lol

  2. Mmm! Cheesecake. I did all the bon bons for work yesterday. Then I rolled an entire large cookie sheet full of the middles. Those are in the freezer.

  3. I hope it comes out's the last one I'll make, I didn't realize how expensive it was going to be!