Saturday, December 15, 2012

Bon Bons ahoy!

  Sandy Hook Elementary School, K-4 Newtown, CT. It is a very sad and tragic situation. Oh so close to the holidays. All those precious children lost for who knows what reason. Connecticut is a good sized state. Newtown is about an two hour`s drive from where I live. Rural area up in the Northwest corner of the state. Stuff like this shouldn't happen in anyplace but especially places like that. I think if my kids were younger or I had grands, I could connect more to this. I sent my thoughts out on this and I hope that the families will be able to have some peace in their lives and minds one day in the future.

   On that note, I am going to keep busy and keep my mind off of that. I am going to make the bon bons today. I have to make alot of them. A shit load really. Chelsea needs some, Natalie needs some, and Fred informed me that he needs at least 6 bags. I put like 8 in each bag. Fuck!!
  Tomorrow I have to do jam and then I have to do the orange marmalade. Those jams have to be delivered on the 19th. So I have four days to finish the two kinds. I am not going to watch the news at all. I usually do not anyway. I will check the weather but that is as far as it goes. All I have to do now is finish my coffee.

  The couponing has been a slow start but I got another book from the library all about it. It was written in 2012 and it is called The Everything Couponing Book. I am hoping some time this weekend to crack it open. I still have the other book about shopping and saving money. I am more than halfway done with that one. I am learning a lot. I am collecting coupons and I am going to save money.  I made the same mistake I always do this week. I get paid the 2nd Wednesday of every month. Then I go hog wild and buy anything we need. From maxi pads to blocks of cheese. I make sure the stuff I buy is on sale and I am frugal, but I always over spend. Frugal and over spend does not go together but I have made it an art form. I need to learn to stop doing THAT!
 Okay, like I need to go to AC Moore today (ugh...fucking ugh) and buy another Xmas themed paint can to put home made popcorn in. I decided I was going to make a tin for our friend J. Her family has been struggling and there is not much in the way of a Christmas at their house this year. Young kids too. I cannot buy them anything because I just do not have the extra dough right now. I guess I could use some of my jam money and spend $20 to get the boys something. I don't know. See, I am trying to save money but the pull of being good and right always gets me in the end.

That is about all I have to say about anything today. I got Ruby sitting in the chair next to me and Lu is bugging me to pick her up. My cup of coffee is almost down to the dregs.  After I give love to the dogs, I will tackle the kitchen and start the chocolate making. I need to find my container of pink Himalayan salt. It is the most important part of the candy.
Hope you have a wonderful Saturday and your heart is not too heavy today.

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