Thursday, December 13, 2012

Death of a cactus and other Thursday stuff

  Fred and I went out this morning to do a couple errands and bring the kid to school. Cold as a witches tit out there, I tell ya. I get home and we are talking and I see dirt in the corner. Fucking animals!!
   It looks like it was a tag team effort. One of the cats was trying to jump up on shelf, didn't make it and in the process of coming down, knocked over my favorite cactus. Then there were chew marks on the end of each spire. I am thinking Ruby was enjoying it. The pot was broken in half and dirt was everywhere. We just threw it away. Now, it started off as one of those $1.99 teeny tiny Walmart cacti but it grew really nice and big over the years. My favorite out of the bunch. Pisses me right the fuck off actually but there isn't anything I can do. I will try to find another one at Walmart in the Spring and start all over.

 I was lucky to find the chocolate bark that I use to make the bon bons. I have to search through my stash to find the pink salt and I have to freeze the strawberries this morning. I have to make bon bons my friends. My list is getting longer. Bon Bons, Orange/Ginger marmalade, Strawberry jam, sugar scrubs, and two kinds of gourmet popcorn. All this and it is the 13 of December. I want to mail out a small jar of strawberry jalapeno and some bon bons to a friend in Maine. It wont get there by Christmas but he will still appreciate it.  Today I am going to clean house, make sauce for pasta and meatball, and decide which fucking thing I am going to make today. I think it will be bon bons. The kid has a friend that LURVS them and she is going to India over the Christmas holiday to visit family. I think she wants to give them to her before she leaves.  I found out that blood oranges do not come into the stores until January or February so I will have to wait to give that a try then. I may make a bunch and store it for next Christmas.
 Plus I am dealing with going through the two store circular`s for grocery shopping. I think I have added too much extras. I just remembered that I have to go to my ENT tomorrow at 3:15pm. Not looking forward to the going home part. I-95 out of New Haven on a Friday around 5pm is a fucking nightmare of epic proportions. I think I will make Fred drive it home so I do not have a conniption.

 This is my Thursday. Boring old Heidi doing boring old things and talking about it. Hope you all have a more pleasant today!

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