Sunday, December 2, 2012

Couponing: A journey into food savings

Fred brought home 4 Sunday newspapers this morning for me. I have been reading up on how to save money with coupons. One of the rules is to get one Sunday paper (or whatever paper has the coupons) for each member of the family. Sunday is also when they have the pharmacy flyers with their coupons. I have already saved the grocery store flyers for next week.
 Next I have to shop for a zippered school binder and baseball card sleeves. There is a website called Smart Spending Resources that sells the inserts and organized inserts so that I can separate coupons but sections of the store. I may buy one package for the inserts and then buy extra sleeves at Target or Walmart. You basically put one coupon in each sleeve. If you have 6 of a coupon for Charmin, you put that in a sleeve. You do not put ALL toilet paper coupons in that sleeve, just that one particular coupon. That is why you see couponers with such big books. You save your coupons until they go on sale at each grocery store that you use. Then you buy as many as you are allowed and save save save.
 I was supposed to get some help with this from a coupon expert but I have not heard anything back from her, so I am going to try to read up on it and do it on my own. I will let you know how it goes. But this is my first Sunday of collecting more than one newspaper. Stealing is a no no. You spend the money on the papers cause you will be saving in the long run.
If I can shave my grocery bill every month in half, that would be wonderful. I will continue to say that I will not become one of those weirdos that buys like 50 of one item cause it is free. I have more class then that. Buying only what we need is good. If I can get 4 tubes of toothpaste for free, that will last us the year. I do not need to be greedy and I do not want the cashiers to be afraid of me. I have two books waiting for me at the library about couponing that were published very recently. I hope the help.
  I slept in this morning till noon. It is warmer than usual today and I snuggled in. It felt good and not so good. I had things I wanted to do this morning but those hours are gone now. It is going to get dark in two hours. Isnt that some bullshit? I hate winter time.
So I will make the jam tomorrow. I will have all day to do it. I am still in my jammies for cripes t sake!  Fred is making chili for dinner. I want baked potatoes. I need to wash dishes. And we have a Xmas tree to put up. It is sitting on the floor waiting to be put together and decorated. Maybe we can do that today. Do the tree. Jam tomorrow.

 This post is going nowhere fast. This is what happens when you sleep too long. Your brain gets a tad extra fluffy. I am gonna go now and do all those things up top that I said I was gonna do or I could just go back to bed and watch tv. :)

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