Monday, December 24, 2012

Aaaahh-Choo!!!! Merry Christmas Eve

*261* <----not bad.
I am here! I am here!
 Friday I started feeling scratchy and not so fresh. I should have stayed home but I went out to steak dinner with my friend, drank a couple mai tais, had a blast, and then felt like I was swallowing nails by the time I was ready to go to sleep. So I stayed in bed on Saturday and I stayed in bed on Sunday. I am still feeling crappy but better. I need to get up because there is food prep to be done for Christmas. A chill has settled on the area also. I think Winter has finally decided to make an appearance. Sucks! I was enjoying the warmer weather and that less electricity that we were using. I better pull out all my sweaters.
  Since I have not talked in a few days, I will just let this be a big run of subjects and you can read it or shake your head at me and move on. Let see. Remember when I said I wasn't going to buy any gifts for Christmas? It was going to be all about a great dinner and family? Well I did it! Sort of. I did not buy any gifts for us at all. But a friend of ours has small kids and there was not going to be a grand Christmas for the boys. I went out and bought them each a gift and then one big matchbox car thingy for the wall that is for them to share. I did spend but for a good cause. Fred has to work tomorrow which sucks but he has today off. I did not make any plans for Christmas Eve dinner. I have some fish I could fry. I have some shrimp that I can coat. I think we will be good. So between today and tomorrow I have quite a few things for eating. There is a big ham, roasted fingerling potatoes, baked mac and cheese, crockpot baked beans (which I have to do today), collard greens (need to be done today), Italian shrimp salad (today), pickle plate, cheese plate with soupy (type of sausage) and crackers, fruit salad, and a lemon chiffon cake. I that is alot of food but it will last a couple days and there are five of us.
  Fred and I are back on the health train. Remember I said that is is our last ham. We both need to lose weight. I have been slowly whittling it down but I need to really get serious. He keeps telling me how beautiful I am and before it used to bug me because I knew he was wrong but now I like it. I want him to be around longer so that I can hear it more often. Weird. I have labeled myself as ugly my entire life. He never knew that these entire 26 years until I said something. So it has been his mission in life to let me know every single day.  I saw your eyes roll. You can think I am ugly if you want. I really do not care. But the important thing is he loves me enough to change my lifetime of thinking. He is either wrong..I am ugly but he wants me to be happy. Or he is right. Who knows?

  It is freaking cold this morning down here by the computer. FUCK ME! I need to find one of my sweaters and stop dressing like it is April. There, that`s better.
 Basically I am going to be the kitchen bitch today. Cooking, cleaning, cooking, cleaning and then my leg will start to hurt.

I have to say that my ear surgery has given me back my want to do things. I have more focus. I am not as scatter brained. I am getting more done during the day and the family is noticing that. I am getting up, doing my morning rituals with the coffee and the dogs. But then I am not planted in front of the computer. I made all of that jam for one. I have been cooking every night practically AND cleaning up after. I am not sapped of energy so quickly. Granted, I will never be able to work again but I have a little bit of my life back after this infection was taken care of.
  As for me and the New year. I do not do resolutions. You know that. I am going to work harder on saving money so that we will not struggle like this year. This year was awful. Truly stressful. I do not want to go through that again. I am not going to get caught with my proverbial pants down. I am going to get locked boxes, save money, and tell the other adults in my life that they need to get a life. I am not financing it anymore.

I think I am done for now. Yup. I have to get off my ass and wash dishes and start cooking. I will probably not be on tomorrow. Have a great day tomorrow!

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