Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Countdown to my birthday

I like the brown one for $1.39

  I am done being a bitter depressed bitch. I spent the day in my room yesterday. Everyone was in a not so great mood. This was the worst Christmas ever in our family. EVER! I want to take the tree down today. That is how bad it was. It is going to get real time winter cold soon in the next few days and we may get some snow on Saturday. Not looking forward to that. But that is okay. I have 2 whole weeks to think about my birthday. hehehe
  On my actual birthday we are staying home but one weekend in January, Fred and I will go out to dinner. Nice big steak dinner. We already have the financing for the dinner set aside. All I need to save for now is some casino money and we are golden. I am glad this year is almost over. It has been so awful. The deaths, the lack of money, the struggles...I am hoping and praying that next year will be more uplifting for us in this household.  For once I want to be the family member that brags ALL over Facebook about every single thing that was bought for the family yesterday. Actually, I do not do that even when we had alot of gifts. It is not fair for those that could not do the same and then they have to look at that. I guess this person has no radar on that concept of life. At least I have love from my husband and happiness. But you cannot wrap those and stuff them under the tree.

  I know there is the never ending saga of my health. The past couple days I have pain in my right flank area. It is not a crick in my side or like a pulled muscle. Feels internal. It hurts when I cough or sneeze and as the day wears on, it hurts when I breath. Fred told me that if it hurt TODAY I had to call the Dr. I think I want to wait a little longer. Probably nothing.
 I say this because I want to clean the house intensely. Ever since the infection has cleared out of my system, I want to undo all the dirtiness that I could not do when I was ill. But when your side hurts, it is kind of hard. I need to go to the grocery store to get some supplies for dinner. I want to do old fashioned french bread pizza for dinner. With cheese and pepperoni and onions. When the Stoffer`s french bread pizzas came out in the 80s, we used to make them homemade at home. I am in the mood. I know Natalie, Raymond, and Chelsea will say gross. I could make pasta too, I guess.

 We shall see. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas day and did not get sick from all the over eating.


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