Monday, December 3, 2012

O! Xmas Tree! O! Xmas Tree

Something`s missing
  I have the box out in the living room with the lighted Xmas tree inside of it. I just haven't gotten to going over there to put it together. It is a big, bulky, awkward bastard. At least it isnt like the fake tree before. That one had each individual branch that you had to fan out and install on the base of the tree. There were like six different sizes of branch (i think six of each) and it was a bitch to put up and a bitch to put away. I should be thankful I do not have that one to decorate.
  So there is that empty space in front of the window. Waiting. I wish one of the kids took the initiative to do it. It is like passing the torch. You teach them the decorating tricks and when they are able, they run with it. That is what I did with my Mom`s tree when I got older. She didnt have to do it anymore.  Nope. Not in my house. Shit is still laying around waiting for me to put it up and throw it at the tree. It is funny that the shortest person in the house does the tree. I have a step stool that I use to get ornaments up on the top. I noticed that they opened the box of candy canes already. Shits didnt even make it on the tree before getting eaten. :) I half promise, sort of that I will put up the Xmas tree today.
That is a big assed box of candy! I had to buy it. Natalie co-signed on the purchase. It is originally $30 but we bought it for $15. It is in the closet and will be opened for Christmas week. 2012 is the 100 year anniversary of Whitman`s Sampler and they made this 2lb box to commemorate. Fred laughed at me because we saw them the week before and he just KNEW that I could not resist to buy it. I had too! Whitman`s sampler is my go to candy since I was a wee child. I know I am a diabetic and am not supposed to eat this shit. I know! I know there are better chocolates out there in the world. I know! I also know that Whitman`s has not been the same since Russel Stover bought them out. They changed the sampler formula.
Bitch cant resist a big assed box of chocolates! There are four other people in this house that will help me polish it off. I will count my carbs and inject accordingly. I will not harm myself.


  1. I could dive into that box and eat my way out.

  2. I have been a good girl. It is still in the closet, unopened. I am showing amazing control.