Saturday, December 29, 2012

My gut sucks


I forgot to mention what has been going on. I have been having right side pain. It is a constant. And I noticed that my digestion has slowed down like it did before. Not fun!
  I called my regular Dr who is also my Endo because I have to be careful with my kidneys because I am a diabetic. At first he thought they were kidney stones but then after poking me, he is leaning toward the pain being from my gallbladder. I have not had any awful, oh god help me pain. Just constantly hurts but gets worse if I am doing stuff or sitting too long. It is different from the stomach issues I had before. I am waiting to get a call to set up an ultrasound to check out my gut, again. I have also noticed that my strong script for prilosec is not working as well as it used it. I have some nights when I have acid reflux coming up. I will have to see my gut Dr in the near future too.
 So yeah. My life is just a never ending circle of clusterfucks and oh shits. Thank GOD I have medical insurance. If I didnt, I would probably be dead already.

I was sitting here feeling like crap and I realized I forgot to take my insulin after I ate that bologna sandwich. I checked my sugar first and it is still in the normal range. That tells me that A. my stomach is sluggish and I cannot take shot until food moves into intestine. And B. My feeling like shit is something different. It is not my diabetes.

I wish I could be normal again.

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