Thursday, August 9, 2012

What an Inspiration!


This was posted with the photo on Facebook:
From Jessica: If I can make the change from being a sick, bloated, 100+lb overweight, medicated, stage 3 cancer patient to a thriving, HEALTHY, cancer FREE woman on a low fat, plant based, whole food vegan diet / complete lifestyle change... ANYONE can!

You just have to make the decision & stick to it. It's one day at a time. You can't look at this change as "temporary" while looking forward to

times to "cheat" with harmful foods - you'll never last that way.

I live my life 90% of the time I eat a VERY strict Dr. McDougall diet consisting of unprocessed, low fat, whole, plant foods and on a rare occasion I'll "cheat" and eat more fruit than usual or have a small piece of organic 80%+ dark vegan chocolate or some a vegan apple crisp dessert... but those are rare occasions and even in my "cheating" I am still 100% McDougall all the way. That's why it's a lifestyle, not just a diet.

I know that health come from the totality of your daily decisions - not just from a single component; that's why I exercise regularly, I drink 80+ oz of water daily, I sleep well, practice de-stressing techniques, laugh often, I am regularly educating myself through books, dvds & trusted sites on health & nutrition, read my bible & talk with my God daily. It's the totality of our decisions that create an environment for true health.
  Chelsea was a Vegan for 6 years. This past year she went back to being a vegetarian and then she was a meat eater before I knew it. She just decided she wanted to eat meat again. I do not know if I could completely go vegan. There are many things out there that substitute for cheese, mayonaisse and sour cream that are vegan. So it will not be very harsh. Just something to ponder of this sultry Thursday morning. 
   I am not saying that I am going to DO THIS because you all know my track record. :)  I get inspired, say I am gonna do it, and right back to eating an Oreo cookie! 
I have the website for this Dr. McDougall. If any of you are interested in reading what he has posted.  His way of eating is much stricter then just eating vegan. He wants you to not use any oils at all. Not even olive oil. He has cut all the fat out.
   I want to see if I can eat more veggies, fruits, and grains. Meat is going to become more expensive in the very near future, dairy too. Because of the midwest drought, the price of anything that comes from corn is going to go UP. So maybe learning to eat less meat and dairy is not a bad thing. I do not think I would give up eggs. We will be walking more because of the price of gas too. I hope it is not a harsh winter.
 Just something to ponder. This woman obviously turned her life around. I want some of that! I want to give up insulin and live healthier. I have four other people that I need to convince that this would be a good thing too. That will never happen. I think I could really go vegetarian, eat some eggs, soy based *dairy* and do not worry if something I am using is not vegan like the bread or whatever. I do not want to be a Nazi about it.  This could stick, or not. I have a freezer FULL of meat. And my ass is not throwing it away, giving it away, or donating it. So we shall see.
  If it does not rain later today, we are going to the beach for a nice soak and swim. Water feels good and there are not any jelly fish out there to worry about.
Get some nice summer exercise in!
*praying for no thunderstorms*


  1. They can have my meat when they pry it from my cold dead fingers. No way I could be vegan or vegetarian.

  2. Oh I do not think I could completely give up meat. I have always said that. Beef is king! But I need to try to eat leaner cuts and not so much of it.
    I could be a day to day vegetarian. Or a meal to meal. LOL
    Like I was thinking of doing a pasta primavera for dinner tonight because of the heat.
    All veggies.
    Last night I had vietnamese pho and there is only a small amount of beef in that.

    My oldest had dedication. Six years of no animal by products at all. Not even honey.

    1. Six years?!!? I wouldn't last six hours. lol. ...but that veggie primavera sounds really good....really really good.