Saturday, August 11, 2012

Heat Crazy!


That is from the tv show Foster`s Home for Imaginary Friends. Natalie and Chelsea used to watch it back in the day. Once they said this script of it is HOT in TOPEKA. Well, who knows how many years later and that is something I say cause it is too damn humid.
 I am going a little heat nuts. We are supposed to get some relief maybe today or tomorrow. More dangerous thunderstorms like yesterday will help drag the cold front in. Here in our area was just a couple booms and some rain. Nothing bad though. In upper part of the state near the Mass border was bad. Tornado watches and Flash flood warnings. Chelsea`s trip to New Haven got canceled because all the trains were running hours late and her commuter train canceled for the evening. She was very upset.
I keep talking about all this stuff that I have to do but I get started doing it and the sweat pours down. We need to buy another AC. Either a bigger one for the livingroom to cool off the whole downstairs or an extra one here in the diningroom. I have ac and fans going and still there is that clamminess in the air. Yuck!
 The only good thing about this weekend being a wash out is the rain. I do not have to water the garden. I should be down there weeding. I have been sick, it has been hot, and I just did not have the dedication this year to completely keep it weed free. I am embarrassed at the amount of weeds I let grow. Oh well. Season is almost over anyway. I will do better next year. This year was a disappointment anyway. ALL the broccoli in the whole garden (not just mine) bolted early. Before you could even get any. The kale is a late bloomer. The brussel sprouts are not performing at all. I have tomatoes, beets, and carrots. How sad is that?
 It was our crazy weather. This weather scares me some. I try not to think about global warming but it is right in my face.
okay, enough of that. No gloom and doom!
 Today is humid like yesterday. Gonna clean the kitchen and possibly get to the damn pantry. It needs to be cleaned! Shelves emptied, wiped down, and food put in bags for donation. Then re-organize and make notes on things I need for the winter.
 I think I am determined to do it this time! LOL
Wish my sweaty butt luck.


  1. Dan said this past July has been the hottest on record. I can't believe how much we have had the air on this year. :(

  2. Same here in CT. Hottest July since the 1800s.
    I want the humidity to just go away! It is making me feel sick. I know that is what it is. I just lay around and wait for a cold breeze.