Friday, August 17, 2012

Co-op Mob Scene/Friday stuff

This is the best hot sauce to have in your house

  I went to the co-op today because they are having a 25% off everything and they close for a week for remodeling after tonight. I had four objectives today. Buy toilet paper..check. Return bad movie to library..check. Mail bills at the post office...checky check check. Go to co-op to buy some essentials for the week they will be closed. Simple right?

Oh so wrong. I was about to get everything done wonderfully. And then I saw that the parking lot to the place was packed. There was all kinds of people in there wanting to get something for a cheaper price. I got the last jar of honey. And it was the smallest jar they sell. I wanted to pick up big essentials for us now to save money. Everyone had the same damn idea.
No produce. No cheese. No coconut oil. I got the last pound of jasmine rice. Crazyyy! I am glad I went though. We have some goodies for the coming week.

 Today I am going to  make some fried tilapia with egg wash, flour, and panko breading, fried green tomatoes with cornmeal, buttered baby peas, and some of the jasmine rice. I love adding Sriracha sauce to the egg dip. It gives the fish a nice kick in the pants. You have to be careful because if you use too much, you might blow the top of your head off. You can find it in most grocery stores in their ethnic sections but if you have an Asian market, get it there. Much cheaper. You want the red bottle with the rooster on the front and the green cap. You will like it where ever you want to add a bit of heat. 
  The computer has another damn virus. A Trojan this time. I bought the virus protection from the company that helped me before (Malwarebytes) and because I bought it, they are helping me via email right now. They will help me eradicate whatever the hell is infecting this thing. It is crazy. I HATE DELL COMPUTERS! Yes, I said it. When I have money saved up this December, one of my first purchases will be a Mac. A nice big one. Desktop. I like the laptop but for the first replacement, I want a desktop. I like having a central computer that everyone can use and try not to fuck up. So yeah, more problems with this damn dell. I refuse to call them. I have talked to them enough. When we get a replacement, we are going to use a sledgehammer on this computer. I will even videotape it and post that shit!

It has been a cooler day then the past. It will be a nice dinner and Natalie and I are going to watch Disc 2 of season 4 of True blood. It is supposed to rain tomorrow and be much cooler. I cannot wait. I have to take Raymond and Chelsea to work. Then I have to wait around for a cable company tech to try and fix our cable. It is an issue on the street. It is bothering all of our tvs and internet AND we are not the only house. They came to fix it at the pole yesterday but that shit made it worse. Back to the drawing board.

So, if I disappear for any length of time, it is probably cause of the computer. I am hoping I get it taken care of by this weekend. Cross fingers for me!

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