Saturday, August 25, 2012

Skinny Saturday..I wish!


    I am doing something right. Ever since I have been taking the correct amount of insulin, keeping my sugars down, and wanting to keep them down..the weight has gone down bit by bit. I know that if I can get fired up about going to the gym, it will drop like sweat off a fat chick`s ass. oh yeah, that`s me! Natalie has noticed that I have been eating much less. It is called the Recession diet. You eat less so that there is enough food for everyone else. I know that sounds bad to some of you that live way above MY means (you know who you are), but this is a fact of life for many Mom`s out there now.  You give the biggest portion to hubby/wife or the main worker cause he/she is working hard and needs the calories, then you have everyone else get their food with the warning that they can only have so much cause others have to eat too. So Chelsea and Fred get the largest portions and then Natalie and Raymond and then me. I get whatever is left. There have been times were I have gotten 1 chicken wing and some sides for dinner. I did not complain though. I am losing weight from it and my sugars are doing well. It will hopefully get better once I start working. That stipend will make a difference.
  Today I am going to work on the livingroom. Carefully pull out couches (do not want to bust another disc) and clean underneath. Anything that I deem garbage has to go. All the curtains need to be taken down and washed. I do not dry them. I was taught to hang them in the windows wet. Then you do not have to iron them.
 The weather is absolutely gorgeous. The dew point is low and there is a nice breeze. Good time to wash the windows also. I know. I know. I sound like a damn freak cause I like to wash windows. I actually kind of do. I WISH I had newer windows though.

Oh well. No biggie.

Sunday is going to be a cooking day. I have some cucumbers that I bought at the Farmer`s market. I am going to make a few jars of bread and butter pickles. There are not a huge amount. They were charging $2 a lb! That is a lot when you need many cukes to slice for each jar. I guess I will have enough to make a personal batch for the family this year. I was hoping to make some to send to friends but I don't know about that right now. Maybe I will get some more next week. I have no idea what I am cooking for Sunday dinner yet cause I am waiting to get some grocery money. I hate life sometimes. It is all about hurry up and wait.

Hope you all have a nice Saturday and a cool breeze on your face.

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