Saturday, August 4, 2012

On the road again.

Major typos in this but it is still good thinking

 I have lost another 3 lbs that I have not gained back. So I float in the 265 range up and down a pound or two. This is good but not good enough. I was told by my shrink that if i exercise and possibly meditate or do yoga, that it will help with my menopausal symptoms. I found a cool website called The Perimenopause Blog. It helped so much with understanding that some of the stuff that is bothering me is perfectly normal. Like the head itching. That is a symptom. She described what i was feeling to a T. I was getting ready to have Fred check my head for lice. That is how bad it itched. Nope. It is the menopause. I need to make an appointment with my dermatologist though. There is a special shampoo with steroids in it that will help make it better. Cause it is driving me insane! A small part of me wants to shave my head, grow my nails, and go to town with the scratching.

  Soooo, I am going to be more serious then I have ever been about trying to lose some weight. Because you gain weight with menopause and I cannot afford to gain anymore. One of my friends has gone back to the gym after a hiatus, I think I should just do it. Fuck my inhibitions. I have lost all the good that I did. I had better muscle control, my back muscles were good. I could walk longer distances. And I felt good. Then I got lazy.
My period is here but it is not that bad. So I plan on going to the gym tomorrow in the morning. It is not supposed to be as oppressive as it is today. One of my goals is to go to 255 by September 1st. That will probably not happen but it would be something nice if it did. Wouldnt that be nice? Another 10 lbs down. Baby steps. I want that goal of 210 to happen one day.

Good News! Fred got back his test and it came back negative.  They still do not know what is wrong so he will have to get a follow up visit. That was a big sigh of relief after waiting three weeks for the results. I do not want to lose him just yet. I have been trying to get him to go back to the gym also. One of  his Drs told him that it would be good for his migraine/dizziness if he got regular exercise. If anyone has any ideas on how I can get him to go, let me know.

Hot one today so I am not going to cook the country pork ribs that I bought yesterday. I do not like them in the crockpot. I usually cook them in the oven covered in foil then put them on the grill for char and sauce. Too fucking hot for the oven. I am already insane because I promised I would make sheppards pie for dinner tonight. That requires about 15 minutes of oven time. I am not eating the potatoes. I try to avoid them unless I am a raving hormonal lunatic and I want Lay`s potato chips now. Otherwise, I do not eat them.
So I will probably make myself something else with the hamburger. Ho Hum.
Oh yeah, that low carb way of eating is never going to happen with all the people in the house. Unless everyone does it, there is too much temptation. Bread is always around. Pasta and rice are part of meals every day around here. I couldnt do it. So I am staying away from the whites and most definitely potatoes.

I am off. Laundry is calling.

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