Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Busy Wednesday


  It has kind of cooled off around these parts of Connecticut. Still a teeny bit humid but I have the windows open and the AC is turned off down here. This is a good sign. I want to air out the house! I need to vacuum, and I have much canning to do.
   I have all my fruit put away in the freezer ready to go. I have to pick up pectin and sugar for it. This weekend will be all about pickles and corn though. I am going to the Farmer`s market on Friday to pick up local cucumbers and as many ears of corn as I can reasonably afford. The corn is just going to be blanched, cut into kernels, put into jars with hot water, and I will pressure can them. I will do a step by step on that for here.
 The cukes are going to be for the bread and butter pickles I have been making every year. I wanted to do some pickled beets but they did not perform well in the garden. I do not want to buy them because all the stores charge way too much. Maybe if I find some cheap ones at the fm, then I will do the beets also. That IS the plan. I have to do it because the season is drawing to a close. It will be harder and harder to find bread/butter corn (local variety) and good firm cukes. So if it gets hot again, oh well!

 Today I am going to stick around the house, get some things done and while I am at it, I am going to try a new conditioner for my hair. 
Coconut Oil!
 Chelsea has been using this handy kitchen ingredient for a couple years now for cooking. You can fry food with it. But you can also use it for your personal grooming. It is good for a moisturizer, lip balm, and leave in conditioner for your hair. My hair has been so dry lately because of the weather. I was reading that I can put this in my hair now, braid or put my hair in a bun, then wash it later on tonight. My hair will be bouncing and behaving. You take a small bit of the coconut oil, warm it in your hands and run through your hair. A little goes a long way. You can also massage into your scalp for some itch relief. I am going to do this today and I will let you know how it turns out.

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