Saturday, August 4, 2012

Centipede under the Stove


  I wish washing dishes made my hands silky soft.  Quite the opposite I am afraid. I am the lotion queen around here lately.
   It is in the 80s right now with a dew point of 75. It is going to get hotter. My ass is staying in the house and doing some housework. Fred just came in for a bit from being out. The whole midsection of his shirt is wet with sweat. Yuck! Love you to bits but do NOT touch me. hehehe
  Anyway...Raymond and the girls tell me that there is a centipede that hides under the stove. They say it is not HUGE. The cats like to sit in there and stare under the stove. I need to rectify that situation. I am not going to be cooking and have some hairy legged beast crawl on me. So I am going to do my some of my Fall clean a little early. In the Fall and in the Spring, I pull out the stove and the microwave cart and wash the floors and walls behind them. Fred helps me with the fridge at another time because I cannot do that on my own. I hope..HOPE it does not crawl on me. I will stomp on it as hard and as fast as I can. I hate centipedes just as bad as I hate cockroaches (lived with them back in the day).
 So today is going to be a kitchen cleaning day. And a towel washing day.
  Yesterday, I finally got my period after it being 6 freaking days late. I was such hormone infested mean monster it was unreal. And I could not control myself sometimes. I got my period and poof! it was gone. It was a hot and humid one yesterday so it just came over me that we all needed to pile in the Jeep and go to the beach for an afternoon/evening swim. Fred did not join us this time but he said the next time, he definitely will.  We were not alone on the beach at all. Full house. The water was gorgeous and cool. No jelly fish and just a small amount of seaweed. It was great! We stayed from 5pm-6:30pm. We started to see moon jellies and decided it was time to go. I think we all slept good last night from that.
That means I am washing laundry today also. Sweating while I work! The old fashioned way to lose weight.
Let`s hope it is a tiny centipede and it does not have any relatives.
Wish me luck.

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