Saturday, December 3, 2011

If you do not like boobs, do not look!

*270* <--gained some but my period is coming.

   I am using this picture as my Facebook photo. Well, just her face. hehehe. I would get booted toot sweet for posting the whole picture. And I wouldnt do that cause I have friends that do not like to see or hear things like that. This is my blog and hopefully, nobody will narc on me. It is on pic and I have not slipped into the dark side!
I wanted to show Bettie Page because she was so pretty. And she risked so much back then to do what she did. It is like she was one of the first liberated women! In the 1940s!

I was able to do some Christmas shopping yesterday. There is an extra paycheck AND thanksgiving pay in this weeks check. So I paid bills, bought a few things and filled the pantry and freezer. I like extra pay check months. I have to large built onto the wall cabinets, floor to ceiling) that is my *pantry*. I do not have the traditional little room for my food like I used to growing up.  But that is okay. It is stocked full of food most of the time but when it starts to get thin, there is usually a 5 paycheck month on the horizon. I have a section just for pastas, rices, and boxed crap, one section for all things canned and jarred, third section for spices, baking supplies, and some cooking appliances, and the last one is for pet food, medications, and all my oils and vinegars and helpful potions for food.(there are alot). So I have some stuff back in there and I feel better. When I see big spaces where food used to be, I have a need to fill it.
 Today is the 3rd of December. It has been unseasonably warm here in Southeastern CT but this morning it is rather cold. I am not ready for snow. I have to buy tires for the Jeep and the thought of snow before we get those tires, scares me. I hope it holds off a little while.
I am going to be making my peanut butter bon bons today. Somewhere in last December`s blog section you can find the recipe. I have a shit ton to make for many people. I have boxes for packing also. I will be up to my ass cheeks in those things. I love to make them because friends like them and I like to give them. I really need to get done because I have a Secret Santa gift to mail out on Monday and part of this persons gift is the bon bons. I am not saying anymore just in case they read here. :)
 So that will be my day as boring as it sounds. Rounding up the pup, cleaning house, making bon bons, and thinking of something good for dinner. Fred has the weekend off. So it is cooking time for me.

Damn, I wish my knockers stood up like that? They never did.

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