Saturday, December 10, 2011

No Snow...yet


  Today is December 10, 2011. Except for that freak snow storm that we had before Halloween, not a flake in sight. It has actually been kind of warmer then normal around old CT lately. There have been days where I have been out and about in just a coat at all. It is almost 10am and it is in the lower 40s. We have had 50s and 60s! I am happy because my electricity bill has been low so far (that will change) and I have not had to get any oil yet. I will be buying some soon because we will need it for showers and keep the pipes warm.
  After last year, I am hoping for a non snowy winter. I am not saying no snow at all. Just a few small snow storms here and there. Nothing dramatic. No blizzards or bombogenesis`. Just normal, non roof collapsing snow.
I will be bitching in the near future about snow. I am warning you now. I like it to some degree and it helps keep me in shape by shoveling it. But my husband is gonna be 46 yr old next year. He said Almost 50 last night and I felt my ass cheeks clench. He cant! He has to stay young!
So either I do all the shoveling, he gets some exercise at the gym OR I hire out. I aint got no extra money so I am guessing it is number one on that list.

Any of you want to live in CT for the winter and be my snow shoveler?

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  1. I am hoping for a no snow winter here. We were told it happens.This is my 4th winter here and it has snowed every year. It wouldn't be so bad but they close everything down for a few flakes. Seriously 2 years ago we had snow flurries at 8:30 in the morning and they closed school and sent all the kids home. It stopped by the time they got home too. about 2 that afternoon it started again and we got about 2 inches they had schools closed for 3 days. NO JOKE....