Sunday, December 11, 2011

Chilly Sunday Morning

Peanut butter 

I made bon bons on Thursday because I had to mail some out. Today I am going to make a second batch. I have some other people to give them out too. I am hoping to make the second batch an actual double batch so that I can crank out so many that I will not have to do it again till next year. Making candy is a pain. But I like to do it because people like it so much.
  My friend, Margaret, taught me how to make them one Christmas. She used to live on our street with her hubby, Sonny. They were both ill and on disability (he was getting it from work) and they had to move away to live with their daughter. I was sad that I lost her as a friend. She was the one that told me that I might have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I went to her Dr and I was able to get some help and realize I wasnt crazy. That there was something wrong with me! I have that to thank her for. Oh and teaching me how to make these bon bons. I have changed them up over the years to suit my taste but the core of the candy is from her.
Today is Sunday and it is never a day of rest. I am continuing my saga of purging my house of crap. Fred rented a steam cleaner and I am going to toss things in the trash like I did yesterday. I want to not see the same cluttery things over and over again. I guess this is what my shrink calls my manic phase. I clean.
So I will clean today. 

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