Thursday, December 8, 2011

How to train your husband

*264* <---that is correct!

We never made it to the gym. We both got our periods this week. That is NOT a cop out either. Who wants to jump up and down on a machine when you are leaking blood? Not I. So we are going to start fresh on Monday. Seriously! We are gonna do it!

  Christmas is fast approaching. I have gotten a couple gifts for the girls, one for Raymond and nothing for Fred. I do not know what to get him. I always usually get him clothes. I do not know if that is what he truly wants. He wont tell me anything. Big Brat!

I remember our first Christmas when we had our very first apartment in downtown New London. I bought a tree and I got him a bunch of gifts. I kept waiting for him to get me some gifts to put under the tree. I had gotten him a leather jacket (for when it was warmer) and a couple new outfits. Christmas came and I opened my two presents. A set of hair trimmers and a set of hair clippers. He bought them so that I could cut his hair!! I was so sad that day. He got me a gift that was really for himself.
Let me give you some insight. Fred`s grandfather at one point became a Jehovah`s Witness. There was no birthdays or Christmas. Fred never learned how to buy gifts. When he was older, there was no money and not much of a Christmas when he lived on Crystal Ave. So NOW I know that it wasnt his fault really..he had to be trained to buy gifts.
 He tried to say that if that person loves you it doesnt matter about the gifts you get. I said BULLSHIT! It is Christmas and I get nothing. You want the person you love to feel sad and crying on Christmas? No!
 You learn what they like by listening and watching over the years. Then you may score that one GREAT Christmas in gift giving. It was four years ago...Fred got me a red Kitchenaide stand mixer. I used to hint forever but I did not nag about it cause the shit costs over $200. That was not the only present I got that year either.
Yes, Heidi accepts appliances as gifts for holidays and birthdays. And I get giddy. If I get a steam cleaner this year, I will be soooo happy!  I am a weirdo I guess.
 I will think of another Christmas story for the next time I come back. It may be happy or not.
We shall see...

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  1. Oh,I would have cried my eyes out over the hair clippers. I got an under counter can opener for Valentine's Day from my ex-husband. I hoped for jewelry I got a can opener.