Sunday, December 4, 2011

Brother, can you spare a paper towel?

Ruby: 3 months

I moved the scale and it tells me what I want to hear. LOL Natalie and I are going to the gym on Monday morning after we drop Chelsea off at work. I want to see how it looks all new and shiny and I want to lose more weight. So we are going!

See how big Miss Ruby T is doing? She is a beautiful beast, I tell you. I can take her on a walk of the street and let her run around the yard for an hour and she will come inside and crap by the bottom of the stairs. Why???
She was doing so well and now she does not even give a hint that she needs to go until the shit is plopping out of her ass. I have to be more vigilant in my work to house train her. I go through paper towels like nobodies business. A pack of 8 used to last me more then a week. I am lucky if I can make them stretch out from Friday to Friday.
She is learning not to mouth us or bite us. She is getting yelled at plenty (Ouch! or No bite!). She is steadily losing her baby teeth. Natalie found one on the couch the other day. So tiny.
She is a sweet dog but she is a puppy and puppies make old women tired.

Fred helped me clean up the diningroom a bit. It is more open and oh so less cluttered. I am happy! I re-arranged some stuff to make it more user friendly. I have to finish sweeping and then I have to mop the floor.
Today is peanut butter bon bon day. After I finish here, I am going to clean the kitchen and get started on making the yummy treats.

It has been a busy weekend....

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