Sunday, November 27, 2011

Decorating for the Holiday season

Divas do not smile for the camera

   Raymond and I cleaned the yard yesterday. Not the top yard but the side yard and I did the front of the house. I still have to do some out there but I will get to that after this. So since I had that pleasantly wonderful unexpected help, I decided I would go downstairs today and bring up all the Christmas decorations. The tree and all. I found the porch flag and the wreath for the door. Everything else was BURIED behind boxes and crap. I was a little bit pissed, to say the least. When we had the almost fire and then the electrician..Fred decided to clean the basement. He basically cleaned the main area and SHOVED everything in the storage area on the side. EVERYTHING. Guess what was behind all of that?
After I screamed that he was dead meat..hehehe..he came downstairs and got all my Christmas crap. Thank you, big hug and kiss. All is right with my world.
 So I am not too bah humbuggy I guess. I am willing to look at Christmas decorations for longer then a month. That must mean something.
Now, hopefully Ruby and Milo will not destroy shit this year. This is both of their first Christmas together. One could climb and knock over the tree, the other could digest it. So I will be on my toes with those two.
   All the animals still have fleas. I have to go to the vet and pick up some treatments on Monday. Lu is still favoring her back leg but she is using it. I do not want her to suffer (she is not complaining) but I do not want to pay a vet bill for her being dainty. She could have a slight sprain but favor it forever cause she does not like to hurt. This is the dog that screamed bloody murder when her feet touched snow.  I have made the decision to make my decision on Wednesday. If she is still favoring it the same as now with no improvement, she will go to the vet.
Okay, time to finish my umpteenth coffee, slap a bra on the girls, and finish my yard work!
Is it January yet?

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