Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Stop the clutter! I want to get off!!!


My house is a cluttered mess. There, I said it. I am embarrassed by it. Now to be clear, it is not in any way shape or form defined as a hoarder situation. I just have a couple people in my house that want to save every fucking thing and they just shove them in places. I am sick of looking at it all. Now I will be honest and say that I have clutter too. I have dollhouse/art supply clutter. My reason is because the areas that I made for storing those things, have been infiltrated by other clutter. There are fucking books....every fucking where! Now we do not have a library but it is the beginnings of one. I would love to have one of those organizers come in and help me. I do not have alot of stuff. If I took all my dollhouse/art stuff I think I would have three large totes full. As for the other stuff that is cluttering my home and life. It would fill the basement! I am really tired of looking at it.
What do I do? Do I spend MY money buying totes to put all this crap in to store in the basement?
My diningroom is a complete mess and I am tired of it. I am in a state of constant Flux with the clutter.
I clean off the dining room table today. Tomorrow morning it will be covered in somebody elses shit!
I complain too damn much but there is a point to this. I want to shit out of my house! Books to the used book store! Recycle, donate, and toss!
I want to be proud if someone came over my house. Right now, I would be mortified if anyone showed up.
Give it to me! I need ideas! Oh and we cant have a bon fire so do not suggest that. hehehehe

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