Friday, November 11, 2011

Do you watch?

Oh yeah!

American Horror Story that is....

Natalie, Raymond, and I have been watching it since the first episode. They had us at Dylan Mcdermott`s buff ass on that first night. Then I found out one day that he is 50 years old. Damn!
Anyway (wiping drool), I wondered if anyone else has been watching. I missed Wednesday`s episode but Natalie taped it for me and she watched it for me. I was thoroughly grossed out and have to say that was a really good episode. I hope they do not cancel this gem. Some may think it is stupid but alot of people love it. Not scary in the fingerprints on your face sense but creepy. Makes you wonder what they are going to think of next. If you are interested in watching it, it is on Hulu online to catch up.

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