Friday, November 11, 2011

UnThanksgiving and Fallen leaves of 2011

Trees in my back yard

  I am repeating myself from Facebook but that is okay. Just indulge me. It was taking forever for the leaves to turn and fall. It is the second week of November and the leaves were just starting to turn. We would have already bagged the majority of the leaves already and been on our second round by now. I have not bagged one bag yet, and neither has any of my neighbors..until last night. The leaves changed and then we have a rainy wind storm. That is all it needed. Still leaves on the trees BUT lots and lots on the ground. I have to wear my garden clogs to watch for shitbombs while I rake. Ruby has been good about pooping in the same areas but I want to be careful just the same! LOL Speaking of Rubylicious, she is a smart fucking cookie. She has already figured out the flaws in my fencing in the yard. I need to go to Home Depot today and pick up an extra section to block her ass from coming out of the yard. Sneaking little minx. She is getting big. I need to get some snaps of her when I get a chance. The last time I had a puppy (Precious) we also had our older dog Pokie to teach her. It took no time at all to have those dogs trained to stay in the yard. This one is testing me at every turn. She is lucky she is cute.

(I am not in anyway wanting to make this a discussion about race..this is about how I am treated at home.)
   We are not celebrating Thanksgiving this year. We are not even making a special meal, just because. It is going to be another day on the calendar. My daughters are pains in the asses. See, I am the white woman that cannot form any sort of opinion on anything that has to do with Black or Native American issues. They want to make me look stupid at every chance (at least one of them does). They are Narragansett Indian. That means we cannot even eat a turkey dinner because of the genocide of the Indians. Last year I did an UnThanksgiving but this year they said that wasnt good enough. I had to just ignore it existed at all. Yup..ah huh.

So I am going to fuck with their minds this year. Only 2 presents per person on Christmas. That is it. No electronics. No fancified gifts. Christmas is about family and love and all that is nice in the world. It aint about an over abundance of gifts.
SHIT! If I cannot have my turkey..I sure as hell am not going into debt for those two. Nope! They are adults now. Most adults get one present or none at all. I am being generous.
Fred and I will just indulge each other in January for our birthdays and anniversary! tee hee
Is that mean?

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  1. It's not mean and if you want turkey just have it on another day. Maybe winter solstice or make up a new reason.