Friday, November 25, 2011

Preparing for Old Man Winter

*266*<----I just checked. That was after eating pie! Woot!

Today I am covering the windows. I always talk about how I am gonna do it, oh today I am gonna do it, Yeah, must not forget about the windows. But my ass always..ALWAYS waits till it is cold.
This is later then usual. Usually I have them all up before Thanksgiving. It was cold last night and it crept inside. So for me, it is time. I have washed the window sills in the livingroom and I have tape up on one window. I want to go window by window in there. When you put the tape up around the window frame, you have to wait 10-15 minutes for it to adhere. I have heavier lace curtains to hang up out there for the colder months too.
My biggest challenge is our bedroom. Back in the day before we even knew this house was on the map, Upstairs had an in-law apartment. Our bedroom was designated the livingroom/kitchen. And it had a big ole 1970s sliding glass door that walked out onto a deck. The deck is long gone but the big assed door remains. We dont have any money. My choice would be to put a new deck, with stairs (as another way out) and have a good set of French doors that are safe from burglary. Fred wants no deck and he wants the hole framed in and have a couple windows put in. Who knows? It will probably stay like that till one of us is dragged out of here. LOL
Anyway..I have to cover that fucking thing with a patio door window cover. It takes me over an hour to finish it.
But, the plastic makes a huge difference. If you have older windows and have drafts, give the plastic a try. I have been using it for over 14 years and I will do it until I cannot anymore.
Or I hit the Powerball and get a new house. HA!


  1. We haven't covered our windows either. We normally have them done long before this too. I blame the unseasonably warm weather.

  2. lol, I'm thinking here's to a new house, that's my dream! ;)

  3. I would love to have new windows but I am picky and poor. I have old (70s) 18 pane windows. I like the way it makes the house look. So I want new windows but with the illusion of the individual panes of glass.
    I have to do Natalie and Chelsea`s rooms today (maybe) and then I have to do our room. Then I will be done. I do not cover the kitchen or bathroom windows.