Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Groundhog is dead


  Happy February 1st 2014! Tomorrow is Ground Hog`s day but I feel that it really doesn't matter. This cold shit is gonna last for 6 more weeks and then flooded basements in the Spring. We were blessed with a mild winter last year but this year was our come due. Eh! It is on the warmish side today. If you can call 42 deg F warm. I just finished my deep cleaning for the day. I did my roots and just had a change of plans for dinner. The kid wants breakfast. So I will be a good dooby and oblige her BUT tomorrow I will get my turkey kielbasa with Spanish rice and pigeon peas.

  I was supposed to see the vascular surgeon yesterday. He had to cancel (again) because of an emergency surgery. So they made me the last appointment on Monday. I am a tad nervous. This lump on the back of my thigh is probably nothing serious but it needs to go cause it is getting bigger and makes my leg weak. I was looking at pics of varicose vein clots plus I talked a friend that has them and my bump looks nothing like that. It is not even visible. You can only feel it. Fred said it is hard and doesn't move. Probably the size of a walnut. When I first felt it back last Spring, it was the size of a pea. It doesn't hurt at all. But lately when I walk or exercise, my thigh feels weak. I have endured a shit ton of stuff so I can deal with whatever this is. I am thinking it is just a fat blob.

   I only did the gym thing twice this week. PMS settled in nicely horrifically on Friday. I am good now. Not very hungry. I had a shake for break. Lunch was a banana, three thin corn cakes and a cuties. Just not feeling it today. I am gonna finish up in the kitchen and take a break. Hope you all have a nice weekend.

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