Sunday, February 23, 2014

That was pleasant

In like a lion. Out like a lamb


  This past few days have been really nice. Weather and otherwise. The cold is coming back starting tonight with a bit of snow. Just a dusting, Thank God. I spent two full days chopping up ice so that the oil delivery guy can get to the side of the house safely this week. There was like 2 inch blocks of ice under all that snow. I should have taken a picture. I keep wishing for Spring!

  I started a small project that has been on my to do list. I have those two old Ethan Allen cushioned chairs. I have started one today. First coat of high gloss black is one. It smells like paint around here. I love it! I will find a nice pattern of upholstery fabric for both chairs and I will post before and afters later. I need to buy some gold leaf type paint for the front of feet. I think I really needed to do this to get me kick started into bigger projects later on. So far so good.

 I am not going to elaborate but shitty stuff has been going. So much so that it was really stressing me to the max. But a light was flashed on Friday and it got even better yesterday. I truly believe all things happen for a reason. I will elaborate more later when the shit happens. No counting chickens yet! But I think my stress levels will go down.

 This coming Thursday, I have the lump cut out of me. I am not overtly worrying cause he is pretty sure it is a fatty lipoma. There are no guarantees until he opens me up. The lidocaine cream cost me $26! I will use it once. What the hell am I gonna do with this whole tube. We still have a deductible so I had to pay full price for the shit. I had some green juice today. I am getting back into eating full on healthy. I re-watched a documentary called Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. This dude does a 60 day juice fast, loses a ton of weight, got healthy, helped someone else do the same, and adopted a healthy lifestyle after that. Now, I am not doing a juice fast but I think I will drink a green juice between lunch and dinner. Stay away from the beef, pork, and dairy. Plus all the other stuff I blather on about. I have lost inches from being active and I have not gained.  I just need to stop buying crap cause that is what others want. I cannot have it in life so it has to stay out of my house. I will never fit into that purple dress!
Oh....I went to a consignment shop last week. Bought a XL Banana Republic tan safari jacket and a size 18 red raincoat from Lane Bryant. I think I spent $25 on both. They fit great and make me feel great too. Kid #2 looked at my drivers license for shits and grins (renewal next year) and she says it doesn't even look like me now. The man said I am starting to look like the old me. They made me feel happy. One drawback from all this activity...I think I am developing carpal tunnel. Both arms/hands. It is not super bad but some nights I wake up with one or both arms asleep. The other thing is it could be the new bras I bought. Cutting off circulation during the day. I may have to buy new ones when I get a chance.

  That is about it. Weather sucks. Body aches cause of it but I endure. March is right around the corner. And I am working on a project. Good Good Good.

Have a good week and I will update on Thursday/Friday.

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