Sunday, February 9, 2014

Grocery Shopping is for the birds


  Blogger is acting wonky today so we shall see how much of this I get done. I slept in this morning. I had a dream (nightmare) that I had adopted 2 puppies. Puppies that would become big dogs. Yeah, that was a nightmare. For the past few days I have been in a really bad mood. I have my date to meet with the surgeon about my leg on V day, all this cold, everything is covered in ice, and other life stuff. Just getting me down. The man and I went to the casino yesterday. We had Frank Pepe`s Pizza. Oh yeah..that is some good shit. We walked around. We lost some money. And then I bought this month`s Alex and Ani open bracelet, Love.  I received two of these bracelets at Christmas. I just had to have another. $20 for a gold bracelet can really lift your spirits.
  Today is usually lazy day but that happened yesterday. So after a couple cups of coffee, I have cleaning and grocery shopping to do. I usually get the shopping done on Friday but I just wasnt feeling it. Sometimes, I am just not in the mood. I know is necessary but food shopping has become so expensive. I have become adept at hoarding food but not in a gross, out of date, tv show sort of way. I know I have enough frozen and pantry food. This week I will buy fridge food. Dairy, non dairy, and produce. I would love to have it be under $100 but that never happens. Ever. Always $100 or more. This is why I hate shopping. I am pretty darn sure that if it was just the two of us, it would be like $100 every 2 weeks IF even that. But this is not a full nest rant at all.

  I can almost fit into a size 18 pants. THISCLOSE It is the gut. I will probably always have a gut flap cause old lady skin does not bounce back like that. I am really starting to notice in the mirror. I got a real boost last week too. Kid #2 and the man said (unsolicited) that I am now the smallest person in the house..out of the four of us.  I was tickled. Someone besides the man that loves me said something. My kid loves me too but you know what I mean. I will keep doing. The scale has stopped moving for now but the inches are falling off. Slow and steady wins the race.

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