Saturday, February 15, 2014

Quarter of a Century

it has chunks in it.


   My oldest is 25 years old today. She is a true adult in my eyes now. I am surprised that I really do not feel *old* today. I guess it will sink in later. She is having a strawberry cake with strawberry filling and vanilla frosting. Red roses all around the top. Very pretty looking. Since it is SNOWING again, we will cook dinner here at the house.
 Valentines was just another day. We love each other all year long, why do we have to prove it cause the calendar says we have to. Blah on that! I did buy a heart of chocolate and I did eat way more than I should have. That was yesterday. Today is a different day. I am going to eat sensibly all day but I will have a piece of cake later today after dinner. Oh yes I will.

  Yup...more snow. More shoveling. But it is going to warm up next week so I think I am good for my surgeon appt.  A friend I have not seen in about a year made my day. We saw each other at the pharmacy. She let me know that my hard work is showing. I really needed that. Family has to say nice things to you. Outsiders do not. Thanks so much for that girlie!

That is about it. I have a dishes to wash and I need to start marinating the meat for dinner. So have a great weekend and safe travels!

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