Thursday, February 13, 2014

Dreaming of Spring


 It is almost 8am. Coffee machine just beeped to tell me it is done brewing and it is steadily snowing out there this morning.Good idea to cancel my surgical consult cause there is alot of it out there. It is supposed to warm up later this a.m. and turn over to rain. I hope it does not freeze too bad. The man has to work. Seems there is a roadway salt shortage for some cities and towns in the state. I bet the damn hill will be a nightmare.  Spring...I just think of Spring.

  Today for our storm cooking extravaganza we are having French onion soup. <----I have posted a recipe before and there it is. I picked up a bottle of red wine (merlot this time) and a dollars worth of sliced gruyere cheese yesterday. It is going to be yummy. I will have to make something else for dinner, cause the girls will not eat it. That is strictly soup for me and my honey.
I am also going to bake oatmeal cookies. It has become a theme this winter.We get a plowable snow, I warm the house by baking cookies. I wish I could say that the snow looks pretty. Visually right now it does, but I hate it so much that I cannot give it the cred that it deserves. It is cold and I hate it.

  I have not been to the gym all week. I have been active but not gym active. Too many things going on at same time as when I go. I know I could go at a different time but I am picky like that. I like to go in the morning. Start off my day correctly. I will go back starting on Monday. Tomorrow will be too much of a bitch to navigate. 

I know I am just babbling. Nothing important going on today. Soup and snow..WooHoo! I am going to dive into another cup of coffee and then start slicing onions.

Stay safe and warm!

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