Monday, February 3, 2014

Just another snowball Monday

*246* <---period is coming

 It is snowing again, dear readers. It started off that it was just going to be a dusting. Now we should get about 6 inches of the wet stuff. I had an appointment with the vascular surgeon today but that would be too treacherous of a drive. So they rescheduled me for Valentine`s Day.  It is kinda of good because my gut is feeling kinda shitty. I had a no-no food yesterday. The girls and I went to the annual sale at the Book Barn.  We all got some nice books on a warm gloomy Sunday. Then we went across the street to have Mexican. I had a chorizo gordita. Yes. I ate spicy sausage with peppers AND a soft pillow of loveliness that is a tortilla. It was oh so good! I am paying for it now. No liver pain just in the gut. I will eat light today.
 The snow is coming down at a steady clip...

  I was able to get some choice cookbooks. One called Chipolte..spicy! A salad as main courses one. Plus an Atkins low carb one, that I am using just for the recipes. . I also bought a Oct. 2013 issue o Vegetarian Times for $1. There are some good recipes in that one too. I am thinking of doing butternut squash soup in the crockpot, plus turkey kielbasa with rice and pigeon peas. I was supposed to make them this weekend but others wanted other things. Today I cook what I want. I can only eat a servings spoon of the rice so I will have salad but I wanted to make it. I will probably do it early because the Man has to work tonight. He will need sustenance.

 I had a good appointment with the sleep dr. I am insurance compliant, I am feeling good, and I do not have to see him for six months. Yay! Now let`s hope the appointment with the surgeon goes just as well. You all will roll your eyes but I just have to say that I am afraid. Lumps on the back of your thigh that grow are serious shit. Serious. It could be nothing like a fat blob (lipoma), or it could be something malignant. Those are the two ends of the spectrum. I am nervous. I dont want to deal with anymore. I think I have had my full of the bullshit.

Oh well. I need to get moving. I am doing laundry and I need to start the rice and the soup.
Happy Snow Day!

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