Saturday, January 25, 2014

Bursts of Friggin Energy


   It was 10:30am on a Saturday. Instead of sitting comatose in front of the laptop drinking coffee, I vacuumed and completely cleaned the living room. Who does that? I certainly dont and have not in a very long time. I would clean but it would be in spurts. Now I am like Suzy Homemaker on speed...okay..not that bad.
 It is the CPAP that I sleep with every night. A switch has been flipped. I am getting enough sleep. It started off slowly but now I am like a glimmer of my former self. I have been procrastinating so many projects cause I just didnt feel it. Now I am planning on painting trim. <-----Not today. I have oh so much clutter to get too first. I cleaned the livingroom as best as I could for now. I started here in in the dining room but stopped to have a lunch break. I watered all the plants downstairs and after I am done with this I have to water upstairs. It is a mini miracle. I am not cured of anything but to have some energy and most definitely cognitive back in my life is very sweet to me.
  It is going to probably snow again a bit later today but it is warmer today. I was able to turn all the portable heaters off. Give them and my electricity bill a breaky break.  I really need to tackle all aspects of this house. Things need to be tossed, organized, put away, given away and just be in order. I am tired of the house being so out of order. I think this will be the year that I can be proud of the house that I live in!

 ok..gotta go. Lunch is ovah. Have a nice Saturday.

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