Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Things is gonna change around here.


  Unless it is a dire reason that you need me to purchase something for you or hand you cash, I aint doing it no more. I aint shopping for you. I aint buying you shit. I aint fronting you any luxuries cause you haven't gotten paid. If you want something, and I am feeling generous, I will help you out BUT You have to pay me back. I will buy food, heat, and housing. I do not even have to provide that but I love you with all my heart and soul. I want you to grow up and be something wonderful. It aint gonna happen if I am constantly footing the bill.
I will be putting all our transactions in a notebook to get back to you later to get mine.
 I am tired of being broke and feeling guilty cause you want this or that. Get a job. Get a better job. Get a second job.
 Next year (2015) it will be time for you to pay rent if you are still here.


 I will be wearing this dress on Easter Sunday 2014. It will fit me nicely. It will not be tight in any way. I am tired of being a sick fatty.  I wear size 18/20 now. This is a size 14. I have got a way to go. I am determined to do this. I want to kiss the 200s goodbye this year but I will start small and work on this dress first.

That is all for now. No resolutions. Just some changes. I am going to be 45 in 5 days. This shit where I do for everyone and no one does for me is ending,



  1. I keep coming back for an update. How are the changes going?

  2. Oh! I need to stop being a lazy shit and get to writing. Thank you. It is the darn N that holds me back.

    Let me do this.