Saturday, January 18, 2014

Where I was...Where I am going.


  I was bored so I went poking around in my blog. I went to my very first blog post ever, And the story begins.  I learned a couple things. I posted my weight for all to see...283lbs. Doing the math tells me that from that weight, I have lost 34 lbs since I started this blog 4 years ago. <----that is unacceptable. I also learned that when I tell you I have had diabetes for 10 years...It has now actually been 14 years. Damn. I have been stuck on that 10 and never effin budged. If you see me posting 10 years, you have permission to cyber slap meh.
  It took me four long years to finally get it. I want to be negative on myself about this but I just cannot. I have finally understood what I have to do to get better, and I am doing it. Four years of lying to myself and living the same way, day in and day out. I can say that I never went back to smoking. That is for sure! Part of me wants to go back on that day and tell me to get it in gear, girlfriend! You are damaging yourself! You are talking a good game but you are gonna leave this world sooner then later if you do not do something about it!

I guess I needed a few surgeries and a sad assed liver to get me to where I needed to be.
 I still want to achieve the 210. I am 249 now. Only got 39 lbs to go. I am going to achieve that goal this year. I want to achieve it by the Spring.
 Goal has been set.

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