Wednesday, January 22, 2014

This bitch needs a coffee!

Perfectly coiffed while doing their chores.


    No gym for me today. I had a nice all day kind of work out. I do not know how much snow we got but it was fucking cold out there. I actually had to come inside and add another shirt under my fleece.
   I personally shoveled the back patio, porch, steps, walkway, steps, around both cars, and brushed them both off while they warmed. Then I drove across the bridge for an errand. Took the kid to a Dr appointment, pharmacy, gas for Jeepo, made my lunch, cleaned cleaned cleaned, and I just threw a whole chicken in the oven. I had said that I was going to section it and make oven fried chicken but I was not in any mood to mess with that shit. Phew!
 Of course everyone was sleeping. They did not hear me stomping around in my work boots at all. You can never awaken someone from a fake sleep. I know that is right. Eh! I burned some calories and gained some muscle. But I am rightfully tired and could really use a nap. That wont happen. The chicken has to be turned in an hour (2 hours 20 min to cook) and I have to peel potatoes. Oh the life I lead. So glamorous. So fucking boring. I am surprised any of you follow me at all.

What is Heidi up to today? A biopsy? Or attempt to make creme brulee?

  I feel good up stairs in my head. I am good spirits. The CPAP is finally given me a bit more energy. But my gut is just not right. I hope hope hope it is not something sucky. I did talk to my Liver Sister today and she assured me that a liver biopsy does not hurt. They numb you up nicely and you just feel a pinch. I was worried about that. But that could be the next thing on my journey.

 So yeah..that is all for today. Snow snow snow and it is oh so fucking cold. Gonna try not to fall asleep by going in the kitchen and brewing some coffee.

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