Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Your liver is so fat...

No more for YOU, girlfriend


  Met the new Gastro today. Hubs went with me for moral support. I just did not want to go and have someone tell me nothing. He did not do that. He was straight forward and funny at the same time. He knew exactly what was wrong with me. I have a fatty liver.  Now, I was told that by the other gastro months and months ago but he downgraded it as not a big deal. Guess what? Major big deal. When you are having pain in your liver, that is not a good thing at all.
  He agreed that I needed to go to the weight loss seminar next week. It would be for my benefit. I have a list as long as my arm of things I cannot eat. I found something online that looks just like he told me here. If you go down to the section where it says a few tips, then you will know what I am up against. Short version...Low carb (no whites), Low fat, and every other day my meals must consist of fish and salad. That is it.  No coffee. Low fat dairy sparingly.
  The list goes on and I do not want to rehash it. If I do not work on fixing this, I could end up damaging my liver. My liver! So I started today and for dinner I had salad with red wine vinegar and two small pieces of flounder that was baked with no butter or oil. He told me that I need to lose at least 40 lbs to start off but I am going to probably have the WLS so even better. There is no cure. You can just hope by changing your lifestyle that you will reverse it or help heal it.
  Not only has my whole way of living up until this point been dumped on the floor but I have to worry that I am killing my liver with my food choices. NO MORE COFFEE! <---I am going to have to slowly work on that. I do not want to deal with having headaches and withdrawls.

 So yeah. For those that are keeping a sad score. I have type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, sleep apea, reflux, and now fatty liver. I am definite candidate for the surgery. I am just going to do it. DO IT!
 I will learn now how to live on less food so when the time comes, it wont be so horrid.

 You are all up to date. You will either cheer me on, pity me, or be a total bitch like I know two of you can be and cackle like the skank bitches that you are.

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