Sunday, August 11, 2013

Tomato Heaven!


   I was gifted that small bowl of tomatoes from a friend. She only had one plant but it was growing tomatoes like crazy. Then I contacted a local farm stand and they picked me all these green tomatoes for $10. There are at least 25 of them and there are some really big ones. We had tasty fried green tomatoes last night with our dinner. There were three left overs. I heated them up this afternoon and had them with my noodle lunch. Really tangy and good.
   I slice them on the thick side. Make sure they are not red at all or they will be too mushy to fry. I dip them in an egg wash of egg, milk, and hot sauce. Then I dip them in flour seasoned with salt and pepper, then back in the egg wash, and then I coat them in corn meal. I let them sit for a minute or two before I put them in the hot oil. I cook them until both sides are golden. We do not put anything on them. They are is. Tonight I have two kinds of local corn on the cob to steam. There is Silver Queen and Butter and Sugar corn. I had also picked up some white skinned peaches while I was there. Those are the best. If you can get hold of them, give them a try. They are only in season for a short time before Fall hits.

   I ended up at the ED on Thursday evening. I was there for about four hours. I talked to Fred`s friend who is a nurse practitioner. I had sent him off with a paper of my symptoms for her to read and give her opinion. She most definitely thinks I am suffering from pancreatitis. She was thinking that I was in the chronic phase but that since it was getting worse, I needed to be seen. She found out later on from talking to the ADN that night, that those working on me thought it was pancreatitis. Guess what?
Supposedly I am fine. Scans are fine and enzymes of all the organs are fine.  You can push on my upper gut and you can see that it hurts me but everything is fine. He says that the only things that came up were I had a right ovarian cyst and the beginnings of a UTI (which he gave me an antibiotic for) but those would not give me the pain up where it is. He gave me a pill for stomach spasms that is used for people with IBS. It is an awful pill. I took it and within an hour, I was in bed sleeping. It only worked for the 1 hour that I slept and I was back feeling awful again. Oh well. Cant get those four hours back. I see the new gastro on Tuesday. I need to fill out a ton of paperwork too. 
  For a moment in time, I thought I was crazy. But the ED Dr said that there is something wrong, we just do not know what it is. He felt bad. They were ready to admit me but then the results came back. They had to send me home as I came. Still in pain with no answers.

  Yesterday Fred cleaned the entire fridge from top to bottom. It had to be defrosted. I must have spilled some water when I was putting fresh ice cube trays in and it plugged the drainage hole in the freezer. So it had to be shut off and cleaned. It is perfectly perfect now. I went shopping and cooked dinner. This morning, He took down all of my collection of canning jars and vintage bottles to be washed. He will put back up after I am done. I appreciate him so much. My payment is again a big hearty dinner.
 Basically that is it. Boring life in New England. Surprised you havent fallen asleep yet.  I feel like I might after eating my noodle lunch and tomatoes.


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