Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I feel like poop


   It started yesterday. Everything that I eat gives me pain and then I am nauseated all damn day. Even a Edy`s strawberry ice pop (the kind with the strawberries in it) made me want to vomit. I called my regular dr office, left a message. They called right back and said that I am on the list to be called by the new gastro office today. I hope they do not make me wait a long time to be seen. Today would be nice. I will need to take a shower first but I could definitely go today.
I came thisclose to going to the ER last night. I was waiting for the excruciating pain that would signal *your ass really needs to be seen* but it never came. Just an entire day of being uncomfortable and sick. Same as today. I think I will stick with dry toast for the rest of the day.

I cannot figure out why my blogger will not let me put this picture under the text over there so I am just gonna leave it cause at this point, I do not give a fuck. That is one of my first (at home) cucumbers. There are a bunch of little ones growing but this is the first biggun. Isnt she cute? I have a couple in the fridge from the community garden that are way too big. We are kind of neglecting that space. We go and check but not on a regular. I think this is my last year there. I will dig up my strawberry plants from the bed, bring the home to transplant and that will be that. I just do not have reason to drive all the way over there. I want to garden at home instead. Plus the community garden is overrun by bugs that I cannot fight because we cannot use pesticides (glad about that) and there are just TOO many.

  Okay, I am getting off here now. I am going to take an Advil or three and go lay down on the couch.

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