Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Feels like Autumn with a side of hot flashes

Her bangs will be painfully short!


  I do not remember if I said this before but I got a cut and color. The youngest cut off all the pink from the ombre that we did a couple months ago. The bleach really damaged about 4 inches of hair. I will remember not to ever do THAT again. The new cut is just past my shoulders. And I colored the whole thing dark walnut. I have to touch up the roots on the bleach that I have in the front. I am keeping that for a little while. I like it. It holds the wave in my hair again. I do not know if I will ever grow my hair down to my waist again but for now, shorter feels better.
  It is a cool one this morning but I am sitting in front of a fan with a tank top on. I was profusely sweating so I figured one of two things: I have a fever or menopause. My temp was 97.3.
I went to see the surgeon yesterday about the 2nd opinion. He said the same thing that the 1st surgeon and the my gastro has said. I do not have gallstones and the gallbladder is perfectly healthy. He did say that it could possibly be my pancreas but I need to go back to my gastro to find out about that. Then he said I should have a full work up...upper endoscopy, colonoscopy, cat scans, etc. I said I already did.
So for those keeping score..It is not diverticulitis, not my gallbladder, not my reproductive, and not my kidneys or liver. I have been referred to another gastro because mine is an asshat.  I fear that they will never figure it out and I will just have this pain for the rest of my life. My guess is that I will be told I have IBS (no kidding) and that I will just have to live with this pain forever. I think I am just tired of fighting. It has been almost a year of this. I will just keep it in the back of my mind and if anything comes from this, I will update.
It will not stop me from my goal of losing this fat.
  I am signed up for the seminar for the gastric bypass this month. I told my best friend about it. She is supportive and is a bit jealous. She wishes she had insurance because she would get it too. I wish she could get it too. We could have bingo wings together! Oh well. Fred will go with me, we will find out about it, and then I will proceed with caution. Baby steps. I heard that it can take months before you even get the surgery. She has a friend that had it last year. It was six months before she had her surgery. I am thinking that since I have already had upper endoscopy and such, they might use that since it is new. But we shall see.

I have some good news. My vitals were checked at the surgeon`s office and my blood pressure was back to it`s normal lower range. I guess I was just stressed from all that has been going on. I would love to lose the stress but that would require me to lose the pain.
  Gonna wash the dogs and clean the house. I have plants to water outside and I was thinking of baking some cookies. We shall see about that though. The hot flashes from earlier might come back and I do not like to freaking sweat.

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