Saturday, August 3, 2013

Hulu Plus kind of Saturday

I need to magnify so I can read the recipe.

*270* <---according to Dr`s scale

   Doesn't that cake look nice? I was looking for a old photo of egg salad because that is what I had for lunch. I stumbled onto to this and wanted to share. I love old recipes. Old recipes are how I learned to cook as a child. I still have my Mother`s 1940s Betty Crocker cookbook. Just cause I posted a cake does not mean I am going to make one. It just gave me a nice memory of being young and baking for my family.
  Today it is rainy and cool. Hubs is working. We are going to watch Bones on Hulu Plus to catch up before September. I am going to color my hair (which the child number 2 cut past my shoulders this week) and make buffalo chicken dip for dinner. I have been told that it tastes really good if I use the ranch dressing/Blue cheese crumble combo. I am also using a rotisserie chicken instead of canned.

    I have been busy and my mind/body have been occupied lately and I totally spaced on posting. I try to do it at least once a week because it is good for me. I get shit out so that I can read it back later to get some perspective on whatever I am talking about.  My gut is still bothering me and it has intensified. I see another surgeon on Monday...let me back track.
 I went to see my GP about two weeks ago because I could not take the pain anymore. He set me up with seeing another surgeon to get a second opinion on my scans. He also took me off my Januvia because he said it can cause pancreatitis. Stopping the pill did not stop the pain. It is more. Not excruciating at all but enough that it is getting to the point that I just cannot take it anymore. Now I am dealing with being itchy all the time and being nauseated. I have not barfed but it has come close to me going for it. It doesn't matter what I eat..I feel like shit. Those of you that know me know that does not stop me from my normal everyday life. I just suck it up buttercup.
  I saw my GP this week. He is glad to hear that I am seeing the 2nd opinion on Monday afternoon. If this surgeon says yes, it is my gallbladder..I will have the 1st surgeon here that is local to me do it. He is a great surgeon and I would rather have him do it. I told the Dr about my run around with the Gastro and how he told me my pain was skeletal or muscular. My Gp made a face and said No, he is wrong. After we figure out what is wrong, he is going to refer me to a different Gastro dr. New perspective on the situation.
  I asked about finding out about getting gastric bypass. He did not tell me I was not ready for it this time. He feels I am ready to find out about it and make some hard decisions. I had told him that with all that is wrong with me, so far I do not have high blood pressure or kidney involvement. I want to nip this shit in the bud. Guess what? He said my blood pressure was a bit high. He said I needed to go on a pill to protect my kidneys. I let out a defeated sigh. He suggested that I come back in a month. If it is still high, I need medication.
That is it. I have every single thing that could possibly kill me and I am fat and 44. More reason for the surgery. I have tried. Maybe not as hard as SOME of you may think but I have tried for myself. This afternoon I had egg salad sans bread with veggies for lunch. The fat in the eggs are going to kill my gut but this is what I wanted and it is low carb.

How can I eat  low carb (for diabetes), low fat (for my gut), and low sodium (for hbp)? 

 If I have the surgery I will knock out the diabetes, the hbp, the cholesterol, the sleep apnea, and the reflux. I will lose weight and I will be able to walk long distance again. I will probably have bingo wings and stomach flap but I will be in the 100s instead of painfully close to the 300s.

I was going to make this an extra long post and talk about the garden and such but the egg salad is starting to make me sick. I need to lay down with my bottle of water and watch mindless tv.
I hope you all have a great weekend. I will make a post tomorrow about the other stuff I was going to talk about. Or I will completely forget. Dealers choice!

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