Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The old girl is a-okay


   I had the scope of my bladder. No cancer, cysts, tumors, or stones. I have over active bladder. He thinks my new way of eating has helped aggravate what was already there but not as intense. I am on two pills for it. The more weight I lose, the better it will get.
Yay for not having anything scary!
 I do not announce that I go to the gym. I go and that is a part of my life. Not looking for high fives cause I put my work out gear on. But I wanted to share some milestones. I can do 15 minutes on the elliptical machine now. I can do 30 on the treadmill. And I can do 20 on the stair climber. I tried this thing today. It is called an Ab Glider. The one at our gym does not look like this (older version) but it does the same thing. It always scared me because I thought I was too fat for it. My stomach muscles were not strong enough and I would get stuck on it. My friend, A told me to JUST DO IT. She was there for moral support and to help me off if I got stuck. I could do it. Not alot but I could get on it and get off it with no problems. This is going to be part of my routine now. I can tell by looking in the mirror that I have started to get leaner. I am building muscle. This is one part of the reason why the scale is not moving. I fell off the carb wagon a few times but I am back on track. Started on Sunday and have been doing well ever since. I am allowing myself to have short transgressions but I will not gain the weight back. I refuse to go backward. I said that I was NOT going to have that gastric bypass surgery and I mean it.
 I would rather do it the hard way but sweating my ass off and eating healthy. That way it will be harder for me to fall back into my old habits.
 My ass will never look like the chick in the picture. That is too much work and I have too much extra skin but I can dream!

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