Saturday, October 5, 2013

Level 1 hoarding must stop!


  I went downstairs to take the strawberries out of the freezer to make jam this weekend. I realized something. It is October 5 and I have NOT brought up any of my Halloween decorations yet. Not a one.
Is this because the kids are grown?

New way of eating getting in way of Halloween?
No and No.
   It is my cluttered basement. Two events made it the way it is right now. We had a big rain event in the Spring and we had to move all the boxes and tools out of the sump pump area because of the water. They were never moved back. And the washer shit the bed. We have a HUGE pile of seasonal clothes at the bottom of the stairs that need to be gone through and washed. It is things like this that need teamwork but I do not get that. It falls on my shoulders and I bitch about the lack of help and then I get half assed workers. What can I say? We are going to be doing some work around the house. I want a junk run done very soon. I want to toss anything that is broken, never used, taking up space, and has to just go. Old bikes, broken furniture, huge fucking tv sets, ripped up love seat on the patio...the list goes on and on.
 I do not even want to talk about the yard work. I have put a small dent in cutting down the dead or dying plants. I know I could just leave them to rot over the winter, that that is not my style. I will cut down as much as I can in the front of the house and fuck the rest. I am still in a cunty mood because of how I feel. I am exhausted. Having issues with the CPAP. I will make that call to the Dr office on Monday to see if they can figure out a way that I will stop freaking out in my sleep over the pressure.

 On a positive note, it has cooled off a bit today. I am going to open some windows and clean. We did laundry late yesterday and I need to go through all my clothing. Those that are too big, get bagged. The rest get put away and then I have to store my summer stuff too. Big task. That needs to be done so that I am not frustrated looking for stuff all the time. Then I am going to roast whole chicken breasts for dinner with sweet potatoes and green beans.
I am going to make it a good day. I will not obsess about the clutter in the basement....yet. It will need to be tackled soon because we will be purchasing new washer and dryer sometime this month. I cannot wait!!

I did put up my Halloween flag on the porch. That should account for something.

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