Sunday, October 27, 2013

Multiple jagged little pills


 I decided that I needed to really look at the amount of pills I have to take a day. This does not represent all because I have a probiotic that I will start taking tomorrow AND my two insulin. Yeah, that is alot. I am posting this picture because I am an asshole. I ate whatever I wanted this weekend. I did so fully knowing what the outcome would be. I had to dose myself multiple times with insulin, I feel like crap, I am gassy, and I woke up with mega liver pain.
  The kid`s boyfriend came to stay for the weekend. I bought crap for them all to eat and then I proceeded to eat it. Bacon. Bread. Rice. Potato Chips. Ice fucking cream. WTF Heidi...WTF!
 Today is a new day and I am not going to do that anymore. I have to make a birthday cake for the kid. She turns 20 on Monday. I have not decided if I am going to eat any or not. Not after the debauched weekend of eating I have had. I feel like crap on the inside and I am an asshole for doing this to myself. I am trying to heal and I go and eat all that. I am done. Really. This has taught me a valuable lesson. Only takes two days of eating to bring me right back to where I was before.

Here is my dry assed tattoo. I have not put lotion on it yet today and the cap to the acorn is still healing. So it looks like shit. But I forgot to share before so here it is. My finger moustache touch up is healing well also. I am hoping when the scabs fall off that I have an even tat. If not, I am done with trying to fix it. It is what it is.
 We got a new to us washer and dryer this weekend. I am in the midst of washing clothes that have been sitting in limbo since the machine died. We would take all of our everyday clothes to the laundramat but I have three large laundry bins full of wintery clothes that need to be cleaned. I also have leaves to rake and bag. We still have not painted. I think the whole teamwork thing is a crock of shit and I am going to be stuck doing this. I have to groom the dog too.
 So yeah...I am a bit stretched thin and I ate things that I shouldnt have. I am in pain and I deserve it. Healthy eating has commenced and I will stick with that shit!

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