Wednesday, July 3, 2013

What do you do with an Empty Nest?


  I am such a brain spaz most of the time that I do not remember if I told you about the kid number 1`s plans to move away this September. And I am not going to search to see if I I will just repeat myself.
   Kid number 1 is moving away with her friend in September. They have two choices to area near the Pacific or closer to home but long traveling distance. They have not made up their mind yet. My hope is they choose closer to home but that is not my decision to make. She is 24 years old and so is her friend. I have come to terms with her fleeing the nest and I am okay with that. I love that child but she is a clutter bug. I cannot wait to declutter!
  I thought we would start working on the house in a couple months and I would have some time to spend with Kid number 2. I have been thrown a curve ball. Kid number two is talking about moving away to work and live on her beau`s family retreat that they run year round. It is also close to home but a far away travel distance.  They will basically be in the same vicinity if it works out correct. She has not said when this is going to happen but I feel that it could happen before the summer is over. She would have room and board and get paid to work there. She could have a closer relationship with her beau and see how their relationship blossoms. Plus she will have the added benefit of having his family around so she is wont have to deal with the unknown completely on her own. I am okay with this. I was always okay with something like this happening. This is what happens.Your children grow up and leave.
I just did not know that it was going to happen all together.

My nest will be empty! Ahhh!

   What the hell am I going to do?  Okay okay...first and foremost, I have hubby here. That is a plus. I will not be completely alone.  He works full time so there will be a lot of time where I am all alone. That is what I am worried about. What do I do all by myself? I can re-do the entire house one room at a time. We will have a ton of extra money every month. No more spending $500 or more a month on groceries. Less electricity and water. This is a good thing! Redecorating a house from top to bottom will take time. Used furniture can be repurposed and redone. This would be a dream of mine to do. I could get this house looking the way that hubby and I want it to be.  I do not want my house to still be a fixer upper.

  But I am a wee bit freaked that they could both leave around the same time. I may need some counsel and some hugs for awhile.  Then I will realize that Hubby and I get the house to ourselves....until someone needs to come back home.

I hope I get most of the improvements done before then!

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